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Deny Haryadi, S.Kom., M.Kom.

Message from the Head of the Study Program

Assalamualaikum. Morning spirit!

Let me introduce myself, I am Deny Haryadi, currently given the mandate as head of the Bachelor of Information Technology study program, Telkom University, Jakarta Campus. This study program has a unique feature that differentiates it from Information Technology study programs at other universities, namely that it focuses on developing computer-based systems that support three (3) aspects, namely: Creative Industry, Digital Economy, and Entrepreneurship, which is abbreviated as CDE. This uniqueness is reflected in the vision and mission of the study program, and is included in the curriculum for the Bachelor of Information Technology study program. The curriculum is designed to produce graduates who are able to: build software, have the ability to solve problems, have experience in working on projects and are able to master technology, especially Cloud Computing, Blockchain, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, and Cyber Security.

The curriculum is expected to be able to produce graduates who are ready to face the industrial revolution 4.0 and society 5.0 with the field of Information Technology continuing to develop so that there is an increasing need for people who are experts in this field. Study program graduates can work in various sectors in the ICT field, and are grouped into 3 (three), including: IT professional, technopreneur, and academic.

Finally, I would like to welcome and join the new Bachelor of Information Technology students. Hopefully the education you have taken will be a provision and be useful for the future. Thank You.










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